Save time in building, running and monitoring your Linux server applications

Build production ready systems with "battle tested" software bricks

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Webservices framework

Quickly build REST micro-services, websites and APIs with the mfserv module. It supports up-to-date technologies like "asynchronous Python3", nodejs, nginx/openresty as well as popular Python2/Python3 frameworks like Flask or Django.

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Database bootstraping

The mfbase module will get you started with a database in a few minutes. No heavy DBA work needed! A fully functional database automatically configured for all your needs: geospatial extensions, NoSQL, big files storage... Supports PostgreSQL and WebDAV.

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Easy deployment

When you finish developing, MetWork Framework provides tools for packaging your code with all its dependencies and configuration in one file. Deployment is as easy as putting this file on your production servers!

Super easy monitoring

Out of the box monitoring! The mfadmin module gives you dahsboards to explore metrics and logs of the system, of the middlewares and of your applications.

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Incoming files processing framework

Build custom workflows to process incoming files, with the mfdata module.

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Recent software Linux add-on

The mfext module is a "dependencies package". It adds plenty of recent software to a Linux distribution (including old ones), for developers and scientists. You will never miss a library again on your development and production servers!

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A few words about MetWork Framework

MetWork Framework was originally built by Météo-France as the core of its weather forecasting workstation.

This framework has been very successful within the organization, even for developing things far away from its original domain. It benefits from years of build and run experience for critical 24/7 meteorological systems. Software and APIs powered by MetWork Framework are used daily by hundreds of Météo-France forecasters and by millions of end-users.

Météo-France has released MetWork Framework as an open source software, under a very permissive BSD license. MetWork Framework source code on github.

  • Production ready
  • Free and Open