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1. Generality

This documentation is only about mfext "core" module.

But there are some important add-ons available.

You can use them exactly in the same way and with the same concepts (layers, components...).

An add-on can be official (i.e., it is maintained by the MetWork team) or unofficial (i.e., it is not maintained by the MetWork team).

Official ones are available in standard MetWork package repositories, so you can install them exactly in the same way than for other non default layers. The only difference is that the corresponding source code and documentation are managed in a dedicated repository (for maintenance reasons).

Unofficial ones are not distributed by the MetWork project, so you will have probably to configure some extra repository to get them available through your favorite package management tool.

In all cases, an add-on contain one or several extra layers and so plenty of components. Please, refer to the corresponding documentation

2. Official add-ons

Addon Description
mfextaddon_scientific mfext Add-on for scientific libraries and tools
mfextaddon_python3_ia mfext Add-on for deep learning/IA libraries and tools for Python3
mfextaddon_mapserver mfext Add-on which provides Mapserver software and libraries around (mapserverapi) and mapserverapi_python)
mfextaddon_vim mfext Add-on which provides an opinionated vim editor (including configuration) for use in MetWork Framework env
mfextaddon_rabbitmq mfext Add-on which provides a rabbitmq server for use in MetWork Framework env

3. Unofficial add-ons

An add-on to MFEXT can be maintained by anyone and can be hosted anywhere.

Add your unofficial add-on here!

If you maintain an unofficial add-on and you want to share it with the community, please contact us with an issue or (better) a pull-request.