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1. v0.7.2 (2019-08-06)

1.1 New Features

  • mflog update to support non standard logging levels

1.2 Bug Fixes

  • plugin_env issue with python2 plugins

2. v0.7.1 (2019-06-27)

2.1 New Features

  • give up modules start if precondition failed

2.2 Bug Fixes

  • disable SSE4.2 optimizations to avoid nginx crashing on old servers

3. v0.7.0 (2019-05-29)

3.1 New Features

  • try to keep a backup of user files during uninstall
  • split old scientific layer between scientific_core layer
  • introduce mflog2mfadmin feature
  • mflog update
  • telegraf update
  • update mflog and use new automatic context function
  • remove prerequirements files
  • update mflog
  • add graphviz in devtools layer (for documentation)
  • allow to build mfext behing a corporate http proxy
  • urllib3 update (1.23 => 1.24.2) because of upstream security issue
  • add search_paths feature to cookiecutter
  • add cookiecutter_hooks project
  • update openjdk 11.0.1 => 11.0.2 and add mirror
  • openresty update ( =>
  • keep request_id field in logs
  • add sqlite3 and libspatialite supports to gdal
  • add werkzeug component (python wsgi toolbox)
  • add some sysctl tunings
  • add terminaltables component
  • restore env after exiting plugin_env
  • add libev component
  • preserve some extra env var in mfxxx_wrapper

3.2 Bug Fixes

  • fix the making of circus.ini from template on mfadmin (mfadmin.start was not working anymore)
  • only the layers corresponding to the current addon should be in the
  • upgrade mflog to fix metwork-framework/mflog#8
  • more reliable checks about some circus watchers
  • don't launch mflog2mfadmin is admin hostname is null
  • jinja2 update (security) 2.10 => 2.10.1
  • fix building issues with proxy
  • update internal circus version to fix a bug with async_kill feature
  • use python3 to build glib2 python tools and remove references to python scl in these tools
  • add a patch for openresty about nginx upstreams
  • fix bug CHANGELOGS not generated when doesn't exist (for the first time)
  • obsoletes removed python layer
  • better vim wrappers (specially in plugin_env)
  • close mflog issue11
  • fix vim/vimdiff wrappers usage with git
  • fix vimdiff wrapper